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Emails suck and so do you.

I’m one of those people who writes emails that are too long. Because communicating explicitly is something I strive for – we all know what happens when communication gets fucked up. Because of this I re-read my emails about a million times before sending them, and I do try to cut some length from all that lengthiness.

About a year ago I was writing what I thought to be a perfectly strongly-worded email that would convey my very opinionated opinion on whatever the matter was, but in a way that clearly articulated the reasoning for said opinion, and also didn’t make anyone feel bad about my disagreeing with their opinion.

It was a pretty long email.

So I’m reading through to try to cut some of the bullshit and realizing that it doesn’t sound that concise.

Right then I had this miraculous realization that there were words I was using that made me sound like my opinion didn’t

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Where does pressure come from?

I work really well under pressure – actually I work better under pressure. It’s hard to tell if the quality of work is better, but my ability to work greatly improves so that’s important.

But when I don’t feel pressure I feel slowed down. I become less motivated to pursue other creative endeavors. I start worrying if I’m a bad designer who doesn’t feel like making things. But that’s not true I love making things!

So I start to question my situation and what can improve it… I know what’s missing is that sense of pressure. But I don’t always know what to do about it and it got me kind of thinking about where it comes from.

Is it about surroundings or can it be self-imposed?

Is it timelines?

Being around people who are better than you?

What does it mean if the work is difficult but you still don’t feel pressure? If hard work ≠ pressure than what do you even do about that..


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People and wanting to learn

When having discussions with less experienced designers I’ve noticed two distinct types of reactions: One which doesn’t fully understand but is eager to, and another which is stubborn and argumentative about a topic they don’t fully understand.

The latter I had been interpreting as that of someone who doesn’t want to learn, which is something in itself I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t you want to learn? And if you don’t is it my job to help you want to?

As someone who is instinctively curious, and craves new information (my life force consists of how many articles and buffalo wings I’ve consumed in a day) it’s been very difficult for me to wrap my head around… But I’m realizing that my perception of the person behind that stubborn reaction isn’t necessarily accurate.

I had a recent experience with someone who became argumentative, using the information they did have to try to

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Thoughts on a career change.

In October 2014 I left advertising, and to be clear, I only lasted 2.75 years. When I got the offer to work at a digital ad agency I didn’t even realize that’s what it was – I was a young designer who wanted a job in New York that would pay a living wage. Coming from the small design world of DC, I didn’t understand how siloed the industry could be.

So I got to New York and laughed at how unintentional my accomplishment was. But like any bright-eyed, new-to-the-city kind of gal, there were a few things I quickly found to be a bit disheartening: That many of my coworkers only knew how to do (and would only do) the thing their jobs defined for them, that the focus was more so on what their next career move would be than it was on making fantastic work, and that as much as you were pressured to succeed, you weren’t exactly being set up to. There were red flag, but there was a lot of great

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If you need to make something, make something.

So we’re all a bunch of makers now, and that’s the thing. We work a lot. We’re very, very busy.

I’m a big fan of all this. But being a fan and practicing the sentiment are very different things, and to be quite perfectly honest, I spend a much higher percentage of time reading about, thinking about, worrying about, talking about, all of the work that needs to be done. All the things I need to make, whether they be work projects, side projects, legitimate paid things or just one of the many games I’m definitely going to make… They pile up and they consume you, and you do any of the reading, thinking, worrying, talking to feel productive, while not actually making the thing.

If you need to make the thing, really, just make the damn thing.

Is what I tell myself all the time! Why aren’t you doing the damn thing!

I am very hard on myself, as many who do this are. You get caught in the “I

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Yet again, a new Facebook timeline has been released to the wild. If you haven’t acquired the newest timeline yourself, you’ve probably heard mention of it, though it seems the mob has overcome its urge to cause a fuss with every version that comes out. There has, however, been a good amount of backlash amongst the design community following a blog post by Dustin Curtis, which was then highlighted on The Fox is Black. The biggest point of contention discussed in both articles is how Facebook made design decisions with the intention to increase revenue… gasp! Although it does not sound out of character, whether or not this is accurate is up for debate. In fact, Julie Zhuo, Product Design Director at Facebook, wrote a response on Medium outright denying the claims. Instead, she says the newest design is intended to solve for accommodating the majority of their users, who are viewing the

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